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                  Water Jet Loom

                  • JY-901 Water jet jacquard loom
                  JY-901 Water jet jacquard loom

                  JY-901 Water jet jacquard loom

                  MW951 Jacquard water jet loom has been designed in the view for meeting the clients need for producing top quality fabrics at low cost for maximizing profitability. Through optimized design, the high rigidity frame can provide the high speed, powerful and low-vibration fabric weaving.
                  This model is suitable for weaving high-density hydrophobic fabrics, which is a high-grade water jet loom. It has greatly improved weaving functions, and the warp tension can reach 600kg. It has widened the weaving scope, reduced weaving cost and produced fabric weaving cost, will benefit much more for clients.

                  With the professional design, standard component parts and electro-mechanical integrated design, it will greatly reduce production cost while ensuring the fabric quality and reliability.